itemPRO - Your Inventory Optimizer.

Our intuitive cloud-based optimization software is designed to help you make cost-effective buying decisions and optimize inventory levels with just a few clicks.

itemPRO is an ERP add-on designed to help you optimize your inventory with its intuitive user interface and task-oriented workflow. Decision-relevant information is delivered for each individual item in your warehouse allowing you to make smart buying decisions.

Let our cloud software solution turn you into an itemPRO in just 3 easy steps:



itemPRO provides you with a quick overview of the most important tasks for the day. Order proposals are displayed in a graphically intuitive list and can be quickly released with just one click. This task-oriented approach helps you swiftly complete routine ordering tasks.


Critical situations in which stock outs loom or customer orders cannot be filled are easily identifiable from the list view. With itemPRO's drill down functionality, you are provided with specific details regarding each critical item, allowing you to react in a way that avoids stock outs and keeps customers happy.

Powerful algorithms and self-adapting forecast methods in itemPRO, combined with your expertise, create cost effective order proposals and ensure you have the right products in the right place at the right time. Find the right balance between tied capital and product availability with itemPRO!

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Our itemPRO inventory optimization tool will help you:

  • Reduce Effort

    Minimize your manual inventory planning and ordering effort

  • Increase Accuracy

    Place orders based on powerful, intelligent, self-adapting forecasts

  • Decrease Inventory

    Find the right balance between availability and inventory levels

  • Save Money

    No hefty IT investment required to get started in the cloud

  • Be Reliable

    Avoid stock-out situations and deliver on time

  • Be Efficient

    Place orders with just a few clicks

  • Stay Informed

    Obtain a quick overview of the entire inventory situation

  • Realize Quick ROI

    Free up tied capital from overstock situations


Find out in under two minutes how our optimization tool will turn you into an itemPRO. Gain an understanding of how itemPRO works and how it can help you optimize your inventory.



Download the itemPRO product brochure for more detailed product information. Our cloud security pdf sheet provides with details on our hosting partner, Microsoft Azure and other security measures.

Pricing Flexible and fair.

We want you to try our product and don't want the price to stand in the way. Our pricing model is based on a standard monthly fee and the number of planners using the system. After an initial implementation fee, the month-to-month subscription allows you to adjust your package on a regular basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time, which reduces the amount of risk associated with getting started - so start now!

Basic Package

  • One user login/planner included
  • Secure data hosting
  • Professional support team
  • Easy implementation with quick results
  • Dedicated long-term project team
  • Automatic program updates
  • No fees for cancelling services
  • No long-term contract commitment

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